Welcome to the Fedifilth Mastodon instance!

The new alternative for kinky minded NSFW people! Please post with #hashtags to describe your content such as #straight, #gay, #trans, #bdsm, #latex, #scat, #piss etc


  • NEVER EVER post illegal content (includes zoophilie)
  • NEVER EVER post anything containing depictions of children!
  • NEVER EVER post photos containing necrophilia or death!
  • DO NOT sign up, if you are under 18!
  • DO flag posts that don't follow the rules!
  • DO use the CW (Content-Warning) function to flag posts that target a special audience or that fall in the taboo spectrum! (Hardcore TS, ABDL, Scat, Blood, Piss, etc.)

PLEASE use proper Hashtags describing your content, so other users can find and or filter your content!

If you automate posts, you may only upload one media per minute! Our servers will enforce that! ABDL users should go to abdl.link instead of Fedifilth. That site is more suited towards ADBL content.

Escorts and other sex worker related users should use Switter.at instead of Fedifilth. Though you are welcome to have an account here to post content. You will not offer or directly link to your services on this website.

This is a hobby, not an enterprise. Nothing is guaranteed, you use at your own risk. While every measure is taken to secure accounts and data. It is what it is, the world is a fucked up place and people try to do bad shit. We try our best to prevent it. That's it nothing more, nothing less.

Now build a community and have fun!


We make no effort to be artistic. Our photographs are filthier and our stories are more disgusting. #fedifilth !!ONLY LEGAL SMUT!!